Frequently Asked Questions

1. My smoke detectors are malfunctioning, or I don't have any at all. Can you help me?

We are always at your service when it comes to this. We have a limited supply on hand if you do not have any. Contact our Administrative Office, 850-994-6884, to schedule a time for our staff to visit your residence.

2. When should I change my smoke detector batteries?

We reccomend changing your batteries when you reset your clocks, twice a year.

3. Can I burn yard debris?

First contact The Florida Division of Forestry at 850-957-6140 or Forestry Website.

4. Do you offer, a fire safety program for schools or large groups of children?

Yes, We love to do this. Just call our Administration Office, 850-994-6884, and someone will help you reserve a time and date for us to visit.

8. I'm not 18. Can I be a FireFighter?

Yes and No, You can be a Junior Firefighter (16-18 years old) and begin training which will greatly help you when you reach 18 and become an active Firefighter.

6. Where is the nearest Fire Hydrant from my Home?

Use this Map Hydrant Locator

5. How can I recieve a copy of an fire incident report?

Contact our Administration Office,850-994-6884, and request one. Be prepared to give your name, location of the incident, and a phone number. Please be patient, receiving a report may take several days, as it takes time to process through our system.

7. Can I be A Firefighter?

Yes, to be a firefighter be 18 years old and be able to dedicate time to serving. You must also attend training to become certified under the minimum standards as a Florida Firefighter I and a First Responder.